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Home Preservation Initiative

Homeowner Information

Please note: The Home Preservation Initiative is available for owner-occupants only

Repairs or Improvements Under Consideration

Eligibility Review

If you answer Yes to either of those questions, the Land Bank will be unable to schedule a home visit. Properties must be owner-occupied and completely current on their property taxes in order to take advantage of the Home Preservation Initiative.

Next Steps and Important Details

After your request is received, you will receive a call from our team to schedule your home visit. Depending on the volume of requests, home visits may be scheduled up to 90 days in advance. Visits are conducted during weekdays (Monday through Friday) by our team members.

Due to time and staff considerations, if you fail to show up for your home visit appointment at the time scheduled without having previously called to reschedule, the Land Bank reserves the right to withdraw your request from the Home Preservation Initiative.

Applicant’s Commitment

I understand that there is no cost to receive assistance through the Land Bank’s Home Preservation Initiative. I must meet the eligibility criteria of the program and the program’s lending partners in order to receive assistance and utilize available loan programs. The Land Bank, its partners, contractors, and agents are not liable if I am not approved for a loan through this program.