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Neighborhood data

Neighborhood Survey Projects

"What gets measured gets dealt with."

The Land Bank believes that open data is the first step toward safe, livable, and equitable neighborhoods.

In 2015, the Land Bank spearheaded the Toledo Survey Project. Volunteers and staff collected information on all 120,000+ properties in Toledo, a first-of-its-kind effort. With this information, the Land Bank and other community partners made thousands of investments to improve our neighborhoods, including renovating and demolishing 2,438 properties in 1,500 days.

Follow the link below to see mapped results of our 2015 survey and read more about the findings in our 2015 Toledo Survey Community Progress Report.

The 2021 Toledo Survey

Now, the Land Bank has launched a new Neighborhood Survey. Trained members of our team will be re-visiting all 120,000+ properties over summer 2021. You can spot them with their bright orange vests, Land Bank caps, and friendly smiles. Please take a minute to wave hello when they come to your neighborhood!

This updated data will tell us what challenges still remain to be solved and it will allow us to see the progress we've made as a community over the last 6 years. The Land Bank will release a complete community report in fall 2021 with this updated data.

See the results from the 2015 Survey