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Lots to license

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Reimagine a Space

The Land Bank enjoys partnering with the community to put vacant lots to good use. Residents, community groups, and neighborhood leaders can license a lot from the Land Bank. The licensed lot can become a community garden, urban garden, or even a play space. Some might just want to help us mow & maintain it.

Lots to license

We’re happy to support those who want to beautify the neighborhood. If you don’t want to own the lot or aren't eligible under our Side Lot Program, consider a free license. To get started, please complete our Vacant Lot Application.

Our expectations are simple. You may use the lot for plantings, play equipment, non-permanent fencing, and non-permanent storage. We do not allow you to park vehicles on the lot, install permanent items like fences or buildings, or pour concrete.

To be eligible, you must live nearby to the lot, be current on your property taxes if you own property, and have a home that is nuisance-free. You do not need to be adjacent to license a lot.

The Land Bank will make seasonal visits to the lot to see the positive work that you are doing to benefit the neighborhood.

Transform a vacant lot into a beautiful space