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Redevelopment of St. Anthony's

An Asset for the Junction Neighborhood

Honoring the Past, Building the Future

The History

In 2018, the Diocese of Toledo donated the former St. Anthony’s church building to the Lucas County Land Bank after an outcry from community leaders and neighborhood residents to stop it from being demolished.

After taking ownership, the Land Bank first listened to the residents and stakeholders in the neighborhood about what they hoped to see happen. Through these focus groups, four overarching themes were heard about the reuse of this building:

1. Safety

2. Sustainability

3. Ownership

4. Leadership

With those themes in hand, the Land Bank asked The Toledo Design Collective and Rudolph-Libbe to complete a feasibility study that assessed potential redevelopment options and the costs associated with them. You can read the complete Feasibility Study below.

The Plan

Now, we are ready to take the next step in this process and market the building to end users through a commercial realtor. When proposals are received from interested parties, the Land Bank and its Redevelopment Committee will review them carefully to ensure that:

1. The redevelopment of the property can be accomplished feasibly and financially.

2. After redevelopment, the ongoing operation will be sustainable.

3. The redevelopment will contribute positively to the Junction neighborhood.

The Redevelopment Committee

From stakeholders to development professionals, the Redevelopment Committee will make thoughtful recommendations to the Land Bank's Board of Directors. The members are:

  • Lindsay M. Webb and Amelia Gibbon, Co-Chairs
  • Alicia Smith, Junction Coalition
  • Beverly Moore, The Padua Center
  • Tiffanie McNair, the City of Toledo
  • Sarah Allan, LISC Toledo
  • Elizabeth Ellis and Martin Jarret, Toledo Design Collective

Read the complete Feasibility Study

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