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Cleaning Up A Landmark (2582 Monroe)

March 22, 2021 Projects

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For over a century, this small corner of the Old West End has been a neighborhood landmark.

For decades in the early 20th Century, the site was a gasoline filling station. Soon after the station closed in the 1970s, it became Sound Asylum Records, serving up the best in local and national records, cassettes, and CDs. Sadly, Sound Asylum also closed its doors in 2013 and the property was abandoned and tax foreclosed. This history has left the community with a lot. Good memories, yes. But also underground contamination that must now be cleaned up for 21st Century uses and future generations.

That's why the Land Bank is proud to be working with the City of Toledo to remediate the site. After remediation is completed, we look forward to re-opening marketing of the property and considering all uses that will contribute the long-term strength of the Old West End neighborhood and the Monroe Street corridor.

This page will serve as the comprehensive administrative record of our project work.

U.S. EPA Revolving Loan Fund Grant Implementation

2582 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio 43620

The Lucas County Land Reutilization Corporation (the "Land Bank”) has been awarded a $100,000 US EPA Revolving Loan Fund ("RLF") grant through the City of Toledo. The Land Bank will be selecting a qualified environmental consulting firm to coordinate removal of underground storage tanks at the project site. The Land Bank is expected to submit and achieve a Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations ("BUSTR") No Further Action ("NFA") determination at project completion.

Administrative Record: Phase I Environmental | Phase II Environmental | City of Toledo MBE List | Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives | Community Relations Plan | Removal Work Plan


The City of Toledo and the Lucas County Land Bank conducted a public meeting on the removal of underground storage tanks at 2582 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio 43620 on April 22, 2021 at 5:30p by Zoom remote conference. A video of that meeting is available for review. No written public comments regarding this project were received by the posted deadline.

The Administrative Record, which contains the information upon which the final decision will be based, including copies of the Draft Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives, reports on hazardous materials survey and other related documents, is available on this page.

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