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Where you live impacts how you live

We're dedicated to making where you live the best it can be

The Lucas County Land Bank is a non-profit organization. We're a small team of hard-working, community-minded individuals passionate about helping others.

We partner with local governments to take control of vacant, abandoned, and tax overdue properties. Then, we transform those properties into green, healthy, occupied, and tax-paying ones. Every step of the process, we're dedicated to improving the economic future of our region. The quality of life of our residents is our top priority.


The Lucas County Land Bank strengthens neighborhoods and preserves property values by strategically returning vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties to productive use through an open and equitable process.

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The concept of a "land bank" has been around since the 1970s

The first land bank was created in St. Louis, MO in 1971. The City of Toledo's land bank was formed in 1989, though it lacked dedicated funding. For many years, our community needed a better approach to solve the problem of vacant and abandoned homes.


In 2002, Genessee County (Flint), Michigan designed a new way of land banking. They used land banking to ensure tax abandoned properties were put into good hands, instead of the hands of speculators. Based on significant success, the Genesee County Land Bank began to serve as a model for other states.


The Ohio Legislature first gave Cuyahoga County authority to create a county land bank, and the Cuyahoga Land Bank launched in July 2009. After the success of early land banks in Ohio, the Legislature extended land banking authority to all Ohio counties.


Lucas County became Ohio's second county to create a County Land Bank in August 2010. Our Land Bank has been recognized by state and national leaders as one of the best in the country.



Board of Directors

A nine-member Board of Directors oversees the Lucas County Land Bank. Members represent a diverse group of elected officials and neighborhood, planning, and economic development professionals.

Lindsay M. Webb
Lucas County Treasurer, Chair of the Board
Alternate: Guisselle McDonald, Chief of Operations

Wade Kapszukiewicz
Mayor, City of Toledo, Ohio, Vice Chair of the Board
Alternate: Karen Poore, Deputy Chief of Staff

Tina Skeldon Wozniak
Lucas County Commissioner
Alternates: Megan Casiere, County Administrator

Pete Gerken
Lucas County Commissioner
Alternate: Megan Casiere, County Administrator

John Zeitler
Retired Administrator, Sylvania Township, Ohio

Amelia Gibbon
Consultant & Community Advocate

Taylor Burciaga
Executive Director, Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center

Michael J. Beazley
City Administrator, City of Oregon, Ohio