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From Burned to Breathtaking

July 22, 2019 Projects

It couldn't be done - or at least that's what they said.

When the Land Bank acquired 4758 Violet in the Franklin Park neighborhood following tax foreclosure, it was a shell of its former self. The outside was boarded, smoke-charred, and flagged by the Fire Department as an emergency. The inside was so gutted that most of the rooms were no longer recognizable. After the fire, the owner simply walked away.

Neighbors wanted it torn down. Even City officials said it couldn't be saved. How would someone turn a house totally destroyed by fire back into a home?

Well - those folks hadn't met Sean Driscoll!

Sean is a local home renovator who had worked with the Land Bank in the past on other projects. He could see past the fire damage and imagine a future for this home. With the Land Bank's help, he purchased the property in late August 2018 and got to work.

And one year later, the results speak for themselves: a completely restored interior and exterior; brand-new siding; a refined and modern kitchen; and curb appeal that was sorely lacking before.

What neighbors and leaders wanted torn down will soon be sold to new homeowners for an outstanding price. The worst property in this neighborhood is now among the best. And everyone has seen that with the right investment and the right market, even houses in the worst condition can become homes again.