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Countdown to 1500

July 21, 2020 Announcements

Four years ago, the Land Bank set out on a mission like no other for our neighborhoods.

On a sunny July day, Land Bank and community leaders joined together to announce a plan to renovate or demolish 1,500 properties in 1,500 days. This unprecedented neighborhood investment plan called for a property to be renovated or demolished every day - every day! - for the next 1,500.

At the time, Senator Sherrod Brown said, "removing or renovating these abandoned homes will boost our local economy and help to make neighborhoods stronger and safer places to live and raise families." The Toledo Blade, in a published editorial, said, "this is an infectious project that will ultimately result in practical city-wide improvements and heightened morale." Then County Treasurer, now Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz called it one of the single largest housing endeavors in the community's history.

One year later, the Land Bank had already completed 550 projects. Half-way through, 1,078 renovated or demolished. Each time ahead of schedule.

On April 24, 2019, the Land Bank met its original goal to renovate or demolish 1,500 properties - with 500 days to spare. So it decided to exceed expectations. At that event, Land Bank leaders announced that they would now try to renovate or demolish 2,000 properties in that original time period.

On August 31, 2020, the Land Bank will finally reach the 1,500th day.

What stories we have to tell! Beyond the numbers, so much positive investment has been accomplished with residents and partners. So every week until that milestone, the Land Bank will be showcasing the people and the projects that are just a small sample of our work.

Although there is always more work to do, we hope you are as proud as we are of what neighbors and the Land Bank are doing together.