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Summertime Renewal

June 26, 2019 Projects

A summertime renewal is happening at the corner of City Park and Woodland in the Junction neighborhood.

Thanks to the efforts of Sonia Organics and Bench Farms, land where an abandoned home sat rotting away is now a native garden, with herbs, pollinators, produce, and a gorgeous Village Green tree. In addition, new planters were built with the help of residents and supporters.

Mrs. Wright, the next door neighbor to the project, was so pleased with the efforts that she has volunteered to help keep the site watered as the plants take root.

The transformation took place with the help of the Land Bank after it demolished and cleaned-up the abandoned home that had been an eyesore to the neighborhood for years. In addition, greening dollars from the Neighborhood Initiative Program were able to be used to purchase the plantings and assist with the site work to get the property ready for this new investment.

According to Sonia Ramelle, the founder and owner of Sonia Organics, "everyone that drove or walked past us today expressed their prideful feelings about seeing this space beautiful."

And Shantae Brownlee, Vice President and Director of Community Engagement for the Land Bank, agreed. "We are showing the community that investment can happen everywhere with dedication, passion, and commitment from residents."

This new urban beautification garden is directly across the street from the home of jazz legend Art Tatum, an Ohio historic site.

Update: On a beautiful August morning last week, Tatum Park was officially dedicated! Joining the festivities were Sonia Ramelle, owner of Sonia Organics, Shantae Brownlee, Vice President & Director of Community Engagement, and former Toledo Mayor and State Representative Paula Hicks-Hudson, among many others. A wonderful celebration for the neighborhood!