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You Will Do Better In Toledo

March 2, 2020 Projects

It's printed on their t-shirts, and with the Land Bank's help, Jūpmode is truly doing better in Toledo.

Jūpmode, a national custom clothing business, purchased its headquarters on Adams Street in the Uptown neighborhood from the Land Bank in 2015. At the time the Land Bank took control, the building was abandoned and in very poor condition.

"Jūpmode was looking for a Toledo base of operations and a higher profile retail location, and the Land Bank wanted to bring this important building back to life," said David Mann, President & CEO of the Land Bank. "It was the perfect fit for us both."

After purchasing the Adams Street building, Jūpmode made major investments to improve the structure, and the company moved its business operations into the property in late 2016. The building now houses Jūpmode’s production, retail, and office operations.

“The building has been outstanding for our business,” said Jūpmode owner John Amato. He explains that since moving its operations to the Adams Street building, Jūpmode has doubled the number of staff it employs to 25, and has seen major growth in revenue.

Much of Jūpmode’s business is in custom screen printing orders. Jūpmode also has a thriving retail line that focuses on Toledo themes, including the iconic “You Will Do Better In Toledo” shirts that helped launch the business.

Before relocating, Jūpmode leased 1,500 square feet of space in suburban Perrysburg. By comparison, the Adams Street building has over 16,000 square feet of usable space, more than ten times what was previously available to the company. “When we acquired the building, we thought it had so much space we would never use it all,” said Amato. “Now three years after relocating, we’re using the entire footprint of this building.”

The company’s success has spurred additional expansion within the Adams Street building. While high demand keeps the screen presses running – production can peak at 600 shirts per hour – the space allows the company to make major capital equipment investments to keep up with demand. The large screen press with twelve printing stations is particularly impressive.

“We simply could not have kept up with this level of sales and production at our old location,” explains Amato. “This building has been a huge win all around.”

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