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The Building Neighborhoods Plan

January 15, 2021 Announcements

It's time for the Land Bank to be a neighborhood builder.

The Past Decade

In 2010, the Lucas County Land Bank was created. It was tough economic times. But the Land Bank offered new and powerful tools to revitalize abandoned properties and spur hope at a time when hope was hard to find. It would bring stability to neighborhoods – those that had suffered for years and those with fresh struggles.

And it worked.

10 years later, Toledo and Lucas County's neighborhoods are better off thanks to the Land Bank's interventions.

Our Future

But neighborhood challenges remain and many have persisted for decades. We know that alone, the Land Bank cannot solve these challenges. But with residents and partners, the Land Bank will focus our talents, tools, and resources to achieve lasting change in our community.

We're pleased to unveil "Building Neighborhoods" – the Land Bank's strategic plan for the next five years. Every neighborhood is a mixture of land, buildings, and people and we offer an action plan to strengthen all three.

Land – We will grow opportunities by putting the community's land assets to use.

Buildings – We will develop buildings to improve home ownership, increase property values, and stabilize population.

People – We will invest in people to strengthen neighborhoods, support existing housing, and decrease nuisances.

We have also established two funds to further this work. The Development Revolving Fund will leverage $1.5 million on a revolving basis to support in-house renovation projects. The Neighborhood Justice Fund will invest $1.5 million to grow wealth and foster health in Black and Brown communities. A partnership with local governments will create a one-stop shop at the Land Bank for side lot purchases and vacant land assembly.

Get Involved

Building neighborhoods takes a talented team, financial resources, sophisticated tools — and you! Feel free to let us know if you would like to get involved in this important work.

Read the Building Neighborhoods Plan