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Side lot sales

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Are you a Lucas County property owner living next to a vacant lot? If the lot shares a common edge with your property, you may be able to buy the lot for $300 or less.

How it works

Side lot sales are a popular Land Bank program. Make your interest known by applying. Our team will investigate and let you know if the vacant lot is available for sale. You may then buy the lot.

You will also combine the new side lot with your existing property. Doing so increases the homeowner's land value and brings the once delinquent lot back to the tax rolls. Two next-door neighbors may want the same side lot. In this case, we will divide the new piece of land to meet the request.

The Neighborhood Initiative Program demolition grant outlines rules for the side lot program. As a result, the Land Bank must offer non-owner-occupied vacant land for its fair market value. This is $300 for an unbuildable lot in the City of Toledo.

All side lot transfers need to follow local land use and planning regulations. As a result, not all vacant lots are available for the program.

Building on vacant lots

If you are thinking about building a major structure (a home or commercial building) on a vacant lot, please contact the Land Bank at 419.213.4293 to discuss your options before filling out any application.

Vacant lots next to business property

Can you buy it? Yes, you likely can. The side lot sales program helps both homeowners and business owners. Just apply. We'll review your application and let you know if the property is eligible for sale.

Our expectations

If you would like to learn more about our expectations for a side lot transfer, please take a look at our standard Side Lot Purchase Agreement.

Take the next step in purchasing the lot next door.

The Land Bank tore the house down and now we have eight families involved in this garden. It's the highlight of the neighborhood.

The Late Rita McDougle Side Lot Purchaser on Delence Street in East Toledo

Frequently Asked Questions

While we're always ready to help, the City of Toledo operates its own land bank. To buy a City of Toledo property, complete the City of Toledo's online application. We're also happy to connect you with the Toledo's Real Estate division if you have any questions.

Please visit the Lucas County Auditor's Real Estate Information System (AREIS). Search for the particular property. Properties owned by "Lucas County Land Reutilization Corporation" belong to the Land Bank.

Thanks for your attention to your neighborhood. Please submit a Request for Property Investigation. Our team will review the property. We'll let you know if the property is a Land Bank priority.


Returning lots to positive community uses, like green space and urban gardens.

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Community engagement

Supporting neighborhood group programs and initiatives.

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Property Tax Foreclosure Timeline

What to expect

Typically 6–9 months

We use an expedited tax foreclosure process for properties legally considered abandoned. To get a better idea of how this process works and the average timeline to ownership, please follow along below.

Every transaction is different and nothing in this timeline should be construed as a commitment, either as to the length of the actual process or the Land Bank's ability to secure the title. Under Ohio law, an owner may redeem their property during the tax foreclosure process and prevent the Land Bank from acquiring it. By receiving an application for any property, the Land Bank does not commit to a transfer.