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Buy a side lot

Are you a property owner living next to a vacant lot? If the lot shares a common edge with your property, you may be able to buy the lot for $150.

How it works

Side lot sales are a popular program and the Land Bank operates a one-stop shop in partnership with the City of Toledo, the City of Oregon, and Lucas County.

If we are the owner of a vacant lot that is an eligible side lot, we'll invite you to apply for it. You may then buy the lot.

You will combine the new side lot with your existing property. Doing so increases the homeowner's land value and brings the once-delinquent lot back to the tax rolls. Two next-door neighbors may want the same side lot. In this case, we will divide the new piece of land to meet the request.

Homeowners and businesses that are next door to a vacant lot are eligible to purchase under the program.

All side lot transfers need to follow our policies and local land use regulations. Some vacant lots are being held for strategic assembly purposes and won't be available under the program.

Our expectations

If you would like to learn more about our expectations for a side lot transfer, please take a look at our Side Lot Purchase Agreement.

It's sparked something inside of me to do more.

Fletcher Richardson Transformed a side lot into a world-class garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Land Bank manages a one-stop shop for side lots on behalf of the City of Toledo. The Land Bank will work to seamlessly and efficiently handle your request.

The Land Bank may allow you to use the vacant land for maintenance or greening purposes through a license. Even if you aren't eligible under our Side Lot Program, you may want to consider your options through a license. Learn more at our Adopt a Lot page.

If you are interested in building a new home or business on vacant land, we'd love to hear from you! Purchasing land for new development is different than a side lot, but we explain everything you need to know at our Build on Vacant Land page.

Thanks for your attention to your neighborhood. Please submit a Property Request. Our team will review the property and let you know how we might be able to help.