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RISE Neighborhoods

What it is

Targeted neighborhood investment

In parallel with county-wide efforts, the Land Bank leads targeted neighborhood investments. RISE (Rebuild Invest Stabilize Engage) Neighborhoods is one of them.

How it works

RISE focuses on a Lucas County neighborhood in a comprehensive way. RISE works to:

  • Help steady the real estate market and maintain property values
  • Build on resident-led efforts to improve neighborhood quality of life
  • Encourage a sense of place and community

RISE works to improve the real estate market. Investments help maintain and raise property values before and after improvements. Homeowners and businesses can take advantage of repair help. Both groups can receive financing and incentives, too.

Collaboration is key to RISE's success. RISE partners with neighborhood organizations on place-making initiatives, with the goal of creating neighborhood spaces where residents feel proud and safe.

RISE also partners on critical code enforcement efforts. By doing this, we can help prevent safety issues and make sure building codes, housing codes, and zoning are all set.

Secor Gardens RISE

The Secor Gardens neighborhood is a current focus of RISE.

Secor Gardens is one of many Toledo neighborhoods that a diverse cohort of residents call home. This mostly African American neighborhood has strong housing stock, but see some challenges from the nearby commercial corridors. It's proximity to The University of Toledo is a strength, but also a challenge where too much student rental housing predominates. The long-term residents of Secor Gardens work hard to move the neighborhood forward. This combination of elements shows great potential for sustainable investment.

Secor Gardens Neighborhood map

Clinton Park RISE

The Clinton Park neighborhood is a current focus of RISE.

Clinton Park is a dense neighborhood with timeless housing stock and residents committed to a strong quality of life. This overwhelmingly African American neighborhood is close to many community assets, including Ottawa Park, The University of Toledo, and downtown Toledo. It's proximity to one of the major rail lines running through Toledo has created opportunities to clean-up and re-purpose industrial land for the benefit of residents. A mix of long-term homeowners and landlords work hard to move the neighborhood forward. This combination of elements shows great potential for sustainable investment.

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