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Remove a blighted building

Empty, deserted, and open properties can hurt property values and be public hazards. The Land Bank can help. When possible, we take ownership of these properties and find the funding to remove them. Demolition produces a positive community outcome. Property values rise, public health and safety are improved, and neighborhoods get stronger.

How it works

Because we've made so much progress over the years in this area, the Land Bank will be redirecting much of the time we spent on demolition projects to other neighborhood investments, like renovation and side lot transfers. However, we may still be a resource to help you with a nuisance property that needs to be demolished.

2022 and onward: Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program

The Ohio Department of Development's Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program, enacted by the Ohio General Assembly and signed into law by Governor DeWine in 2021, provides $150 million statewide for the demolition of vacant and blighted buildings that challenge our communities.

On December 6, 2022, the Land Bank was awarded $10,359,200 under this Program in partnership with the City of Toledo and suburban Lucas County communities to remove over 1,000 dangerous buildings. The Land Bank will serve as the fiscal agent for the Program, while the local jurisdictions will carry out the work on behalf of their residents.

To learn more about this Program's work in Toledo, please visit the City of Toledo's website. You may report a blighted building through Engage Toledo.

To learn more about this work in suburban communities, please reach out to the Land Bank directly.

2022 to 2024: Lucas County Commercial Site Clean-up Pilot Program

In 2021, the Ohio General Assembly authorized $2 million in matching dollars that the Lucas County Land Bank may use to remove blighted commercial & industrial buildings in Lucas County. This effort, called the Lucas County Commercial Site Clean-up Pilot Program, is well underway with many public and private partners.

2014 to 2020: OHFA Neighborhood Initiative Program

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency's Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) made our large-scale demolition work possible starting in 2014 through the end of 2020. Over 2,800 of the worst nuisance houses in Toledo and Lucas County were demolished during that time, leveraging over $30,000,000 of federal, state, and local investment. We're proud to have made such a tremendous difference in our neighborhoods!

Although a very small amount of this work will carry forward into 2021, the project is substantially complete and no large-scale funding is anticipated going forward. You can read about our major NIP accomplishments and see a full list of the properties removed during this period below.

2012 to 2014: Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program

In August 2012, the Land Bank and Ohio Attorney General's office began a new partnership. The office awarded the Land Bank the Moving Ohio Forward demolition grant. Together we planned to improve our community by demolishing approximately 800 vacant properties. By September 30, 2014, the Land Bank completed this mission. 862 properties in Lucas County received demolition work.

Know of a vacant or hazardous property?