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Empty, deserted, and open properties can hurt property values and be public hazards. The Land Bank works to solve this. When needed, we take ownership of these properties and remove them. Demolition produces a positive community outcome. Property values rise, public health and safety improves, and neighborhoods get stronger.

How it works

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency's Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) makes our demolition work possible. From April 1, 2014 to December 18, 2020 they will provide grant funding to the Land Bank. This $29,001,457 award is a reimbursable investment. The Land Bank uses it for demolition and greening improvement expenses. For the time of the grant, the Land Bank anticipates demolishing more than 2,700 properties. Demolition will be in partnership with the City of Toledo and private contractors.

The Land Bank is intentional and strategic when it comes to demolition. This NIP investment will help reduce the amount of mortgage foreclosure and abandonment. We are applying the funding to targeted neighborhoods throughout our community. We've identified eight areas in the City of Toledo for strategic demolition activity.

All information posted on this page is subject to change. Demolition of any property will not occur without proper measures. The Land Bank will first take ownership of the property and complete a thorough inspection. Our team will prepare for each demolition following local, state, and federal laws.

2012 to 2014: Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program

In August 2012, the Land Bank and Ohio Attorney General's office began a new partnership. The office awarded the Land Bank the Moving Ohio Forward demolition grant. Together we planned to improve our community by demolishing approximately 800 vacant properties. By September 30, 2014, the Land Bank completed this mission. 862 properties in Lucas County received demolition work.

Know of a vacant or hazardous property?