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Build on a lot

Do you have an interest in building on a vacant lot? The Land Bank has opportunities available for new construction throughout Lucas County.

Development Opportunities

Because many older and obsolete buildings have been demolished over the last generation, Toledo and Lucas County have many vacant lots available for new development opportunities.

New affordable housing can respond to the needs of the 21st Century by creating a healthy, accessible, and adaptable environment for today's families. Likewise, new commercial and industrial development can help to attract the jobs of the future with state-of-the-art facilities ready to meet today's business needs.

The Land Bank is ready to work with you to build on available vacant lots.

Our Process

Our process is straightforward.

First, you should identify a lot. The lot can be one parcel or a group of parcels. This should be a lot that is already owned or available to the Land Bank because of abandonment. Most importantly, it should be a lot that makes sense for your development plans. We can't make that decision for you, but we've linked to a handy map below to see available lots.

Once you have identified a lot, you should complete a Property Request. If the vacant lot is being marketed by the Land Bank through a broker on our Properties page, reach out to the broker directly to make an offer.

Next, you need to provide us with a complete building plan. This includes conceptual renderings and a site plan for the proposed building or buildings. You will need to give us information about the development team that will complete the project. We will also need to know how must your building will cost and how you intend to pay for it.

Everything you need to know can be found in our one-page guide on the Requirements to Build a Home on a Vacant Lot.

If we accept your offer to build on a vacant lot, the Land Bank will work closely with your team and assist with pre-development efforts, including site assessment, zoning and planning review and approvals, building inspection oversight, and economic development incentives.

In the end, we will sell you the lot and monitor your project until you secure a Certificate of Occupancy from the local jurisdiction.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below for more details of our expectations.

Explore available land

Frequently Asked Questions

This map we've created identifies vacant lots owned by the Land Bank or the City of Toledo and others that have been abandoned. Some vacant lots are being actively marketed by the Land Bank for new construction and those will be listed with brokers and showcased on our Properties page.

To bring an abandoned vacant lot to the Land Bank's attention, please fill out a Property Request. We'll review the property and make a decision about whether we are going to try and become the owner.

You will need to provide us basic information about the lot, your building plans, and your budget. The list of everything we need can be found above on this page.
As detailed as you can make them. You will need to show us what type of house will be built, how much it will cost, and what builder and contractors you will use. The list of our expectations can be found above on this page.
The Land Bank will sell you the vacant lot based on the fair market value of the property and the cost will vary.
If the Land Bank accepts your offer, we will schedule a real estate closing for the vacant lot through a local title company, and you will become the owner the day of the closing. After closing, you will be the owner and able to start construction based on your schedule. Remember that you will need to pull appropriate permits before any construction work can begin on the vacant lot!
The Land Bank will not be directly involved with your construction project, but we're always available to help answer questions. To make sure you complete the project as promised, we keep a legal interest in the property until you obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the new home. This interest is called a New Construction Note and Mortgage and is a security against the land while construction work is ongoing. Once you provide the Land Bank with your Certificate of Occupancy, our interest is satisfied and forever released from the title.
Most projects for new construction through the Land Bank have a six-month period to complete the work. We understand that surprises can come up when you are building a new home. As long as you are making reasonable progress, we will be willing to extend the deadline. Our neighborhoods are better off with a finished project, so only in rare circumstances will extensions continue past one year.
Before your new home can be occupied, you will need to receive a Certificate of Occupancy from the local government where the vacant lot is located. You will need to provide the Land Bank with a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy before you can move into or sell the home.