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Along with residential properties, the Land Bank also makes commercial properties available for sale. Developing a vacant and abandoned commercial property is complex and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But the Land Bank believes it is worth it! We are interesting in working with you and learning more about your business needs and plans.

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Our commercial property listings are included with our residential properties. You can find all current listings at the link below.

To take the next step, please call our commercial listing agent to discuss the property. Our agent may ask you to complete a Commercial Site Visit request so we can learn more about you and your plans before you visit the property. You are also free to complete this form and send it back to us yourself to start the process rolling.

Because every commercial property is different, the Land Bank does not have a standard purchase contract like we do for residential properties. However, we do have some basic expectations for every commercial property found in this sample Contract to Purchase and Develop a Commercial Property.

Questions for the Land Bank about a commercial property? Contact Vice President Joshua Murnen or Projects Manager Stephanie Shackelford.

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With the Land Bank’s help, we were able to expand our business quickly. Before we acquired the building from the Land Bank, we had eight employees. Now we have 28!

Chad Buck Owner of Buck Brothers Paving on Avondale Avenue