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Commercial sales

How it works

Along with residential properties, the Land Bank also makes commercial properties available for sale. Reach out to our listing agent for more information on how to submit an offer and application to the Land Bank. An authorized Land Bank officer must sign a sale agreement before an offer is accepted.

Non-Land Bank owned property

Our standard process begins with the end user. We may identify and approve the right buyer before acquiring the commercial property. If you're interested in starting this process, please give us a call. Contact Vice President Josh Murnen at (419) 213-4286.

Take the next step for your business

With the Land Bank’s help, we were able to expand our business quickly. Before we acquired the building from the Land Bank, we had eight employees. Now we have 28!

Chad Buck Owner of Buck Brothers Paving on Avondale Avenue

Property Tax Foreclosure Timeline

What to expect

Typically 6–9 months

We use an expedited tax foreclosure process for properties legally considered abandoned. To get a better idea of how this process works and the average timeline to ownership, please follow along below.

Every transaction is different and nothing in this timeline should be construed as a commitment, either as to the length of the actual process or the Land Bank's ability to secure the title. Under Ohio law, an owner may redeem their property during the tax foreclosure process and prevent the Land Bank from acquiring it. By receiving an application for any property, the Land Bank does not commit to a transfer.