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Sometimes, a property can be too much to handle. When our plans align with yours, the Land Bank will accept your property as a donation, giving it a chance to have a brighter future and giving you peace of mind that something good will happen.

Our basic expectations

Donating property to the Land Bank is a great way to take the next step on something you no longer wish to own and maintain. The Land Bank does not accept every donation request we receive, but we promise to give all of them a fair review.

The first step is to tell us about the property by completing our Property Request. On this simple form, please check the box 'Owner wishing to donate' and leave good contact information so we can reach back out.

Our team will reach out to you to schedule an inspection of the property. We want to know more about its condition and how we might be able to make it productive again if the Land Bank becomes the owner.

If our plans align with yours and we're willing to accept the donation, we will send you a donation agreement and get the ball rolling to closing. You will be responsible for delivering a clear title to the property and paying all property taxes, utility bills, and closing costs.

Following closing, the Land Bank will take responsibility for the property. The donation may also be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Working together, we can turn a liability into an opportunity and find a productive future for this property.

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