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Learn about tax foreclosure

Tax foreclosure is a Lucas County tool that the Land Bank uses to help return abandoned properties to productive use.

How it works

Tax foreclosure is not a simple or fast process. All delinquent taxpayers have a right to due process and the opportunity to pay their taxes and keep their property. But when a property has been abandoned by its owner, tax foreclosure is one of the tools available to our community to start fresh and make the land productive again.

We've developed the timeline below to help the community better understand the tax foreclosure process.

Take some time to review this information and contact our office if you'd like to learn more.

Tax Foreclosure - Step by Step

What to expect

Usually 12 months from start to finish

Tax foreclosure is a tool that the County Treasurer uses to collect delinquent taxes or transfer certain abandoned properties to the Land Bank. To get a better idea of how this process works, please follow along below.